Why Aren’t We Moving to Boxed Wine?

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.06.03 AMA friend of mine asked me the other day what I thought about boxed wine. Without having done any research, I said that typically only very bad wine ends up in boxes, giving boxed wine a very bad reputation.

This quick conversation prompted me to do some research, which I will share with you here. Continue reading

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Keeping an Eye on Wine Trends

Wine Trends - photo courtesy of snooth.comFrom dry statistical graphs to pithy interview-style summaries, I found researching 2015 wine trends interesting and revealing. While I love studying and learning about wine, I don’t generally get into the weeds of who’s drinking what, how much and at what price. So every now and then, it’s fun to see if what I feel is trending coincides with expert opinion.

As you might suspect, it does on some counts, and not on others. In fact, even experts have differing opinions on some factors. Of course sales statistics don’t lie, but interpretations can vary. Continue reading

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Help! How Do I Learn about Wine?

Having Fun Studying Wine

Having Fun Studying Wine

So you really want to learn about wine. Perhaps your friends are getting serious about wine, and you’re feeling left out. Maybe you’re planning your first-born’s wedding, and you want to provide a really great wine selection. Or maybe you enjoy only a few wines and you would like to enjoy a few more.

Whatever the reason, you might find yourself nervously saying, “HELP! How do I tackle learning about wine?!” Continue reading

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Wine from Wine Grapes vs. Table Grapes

Table Grapes

Table Grapes

I’ve noticed recently a new interest in making wine from table grapes. I’d never heard of that before, even though people have been making distilled or alcoholic beverages from just about anything for millennia. A grape is a grape, right? Why not use any kind of grape in wine making? Continue reading

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