Fun Wine Tastings in Your Home

3 tasting photosIf you’re into wine, you probably also have friends who are into wine. And if you and your friends are into wine, you’re probably all into food, too! And if you’ve had food and you’ve had wine, you also know that wine + food + friends = major fun times!

Here are four ideas for hosting a really fun, imaginative wine tasting party with the best of your wine and foodie friends. Continue reading

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Exploring Campania Wines



Welcome to the final article of my Italian varietal series. The focus of this article is Campania, which lies on Italy’s “lower shin” and is home to Napoli (Naples), the region’s main city. Although often considered Rome’s poor relation, Campania has a lot to commend it, including Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Limoncello :) and Mt. Vesuvius, famous for destroying Pompeii in the late first century. Continue reading

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Sardinian Nuragus and Carignano Wines

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There’s something about Italy that captivates me. From sun-drenched shorelines to exotic history, I am an unabashed Italy buff. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Italian gastronomy and wine are out of this world. I dream of a time when I can sample wonderlands, like the focus of today’s post — Sardinia —unbothered and unhurried, delighting in her wonderful food, wine and vistas. Before I digress into my daydream, come along with me. Continue reading

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Pairing Eclectic Salmon Dishes with Great Wines

Pairing Salmon and Wine

I never really thought about it before, but what Fiona Beckett of Matching Food & Wine says about salmon rings true. Salmon is sort of like the “chicken of seafood” in that it can be cooked a hundred different ways, and be delicious every time.

With so much diversity, is there a single wine that works across the board? Possibly, but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun :) In this article, I’ll share three very different salmon recipes, along with my wine recommendations. Continue reading

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