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If you like wine and enjoy entertaining, you will love hosting your own wine tasting. What is more fun than getting to try before you buy with wine-loving friends in the comfort of your home?

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I offer a delicious selection of artisan-crafted, exclusive wines. I also offer beautiful personalized wines, where you can feature your company logo, your family photo, your wedding photo or one of our photos.

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july 4

Celebrating a WINEderful July 4th

Here’s to a July 4th celebration filled with family, friends, good cheer, good fireworks, good food and good wine! With two months of summer yet to come, there’s still plenty of time for enjoying refreshing summer wines. Today’s article is devoted to my favorite summer wines from WineShop At Home, the Napa winery that I Read More »


What’s the Best Temperature to Serve Wine?

Were you taught at a relatively young age that white wine is served chilled, and red wine is served at room temperature? I know I was.   But what do these words mean? Does chilled mean 35 degrees directly out of the refrigerator? Not always. Does room temperature mean a comfortable 72 degrees. No.

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Introducing My New Wine Website

I’m thrilled to introduce my new wine website, Betty’s Wine Musings. This site is a tribute to everything we love about wine, from sipping it to learning about it to gifting it to earning a living from it.

"Wine is bottled poetry." ~ Robert Louis Stevenson