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I offer a delicious selection of artisan-crafted, exclusive wines. I also offer beautiful personalized wines, where you can feature your company logo, your family photo, your wedding photo or one of our photos.

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The Ins and Outs of Greek Retsina Wine

I’ve often wondered, gazing at Greek pottery artifacts, why they chose to make their amphorae with pointy bottoms, like a child’s spinning top, instead of with flat bottoms that would stand up firmly. That may be a topic for future investigation. For now, let it suffice that Greeks did use amphorae for transporting almost anything, Read More »


The Wine Job to End All Wine Jobs

If you love wine and have fantasized about working in the wine industry, but haven’t quite found the right fit for you, you might be in for a treat. Becoming an independent wine consultant with WineShop At Home might very well be the wine job to end all wine jobs. I’ve been a wine consultant Read More »


Wines from Macedonia

Greece, practically as old as recorded history itself, is going through something of a rebirth. This is an arduous, tumultuous process as we can see from her economic turmoil, but perhaps from these ashes a new Greece will emerge — one based more on enterprise ideas, creativity and modern practices — and there’s evidence that Read More »

"Wine is bottled poetry." ~ Robert Louis Stevenson